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16 April 2019by Unibroue Europe0

The beer and food matching, a delicious pairing

The beer is imposing itself as a gastronomic drink.

During the lunch, from the starter to the dessert, the beer enhanced the flavours and bring you nutritional qualities. The beer has a lot of similar qualities to the wine, like its diversity in flavours and combinations. If you love the spice of white wine, let yourself be tempted by a taste rich in hops. As with red wine, the beer rich in roasted malt has spicy flavours with an added red fruits taste.

The beer is composed of hops, cereals, yeast and a lot of water. The flavouring of the beer enhanced its taste. To then add flower flavourings, spices, flavours of aroma… The texture of the beer is as important as taste and flavours, the effervescence as well. Thanks to its rich nuances, your beer will be delicious and will be with you during your most beautiful dishes.


The food and beer matches are up to you !

The association of the beer with your dish has a simple goal : to create an harmony between the two. This harmony can revealed itself in different ways. But you have to always keep in mind the sugar, the salt, acidity and the bitterness. How to choose your pairing ?

You can choose the affinity between your meal and your beer. To create an aromatic link thanks to a mutual component. To associate your fruity dessert with a beer rich in hops. For exemple, a blonde beer. As with the tropical fruits, the hops add a flavour of fruits and lemon.

Or you can be bold and choose the contrast to surprise your taste buds. To associate a beer with fruity flavours with a chocolate fudge cake, the contras twill be amazing ! Make your own choices, after all, the food-beer pairings depend of your personal tastes.


How to pair your beer with the dish ?

The perfect pairings…

For the aperitif, prepared yourself a cocktail with the Raftman. To create it, add 20 cl of the beer with 3 cl of concentrated frezed tea and add the malt.

For starter, associate a Blanche de Chambly with oysters. With few hops, its balance between sweetness, acidity and bitterness will be perfectly married with iodized flavours of sea food.

For the main course, the beer A tout le monde will be perfect with a braised shredded pork. You have to pour 50 ml of beer A tout le Monde to cover the veggies and the pork during the cooking, the ingredients will be highlighted. With the goat cheese, bring the Ephemere with apple flavours, which will bring acidity to the meal.

In dessert, La Maudite can be associated with a chomeur pudding. You just have to pour a bottle of Maudite, which is equal to 341 ml, in your preparation.


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