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30 November 2017by Unibroue Europe0

Breaking News : As promised, Unibroue France announces the launch of the Don de Dieu beer in France and in Europe !

Don de Dieu : The first white and strong beer brewed in Canada

First seasonal, Don de Dieu quickly became a regular beer in the Unibroue collection due to the high consumer demand.

From a historic expedition to a mythical beer

Don de Dieu was the name of Samuel de Champlain’ vessel, a famous French navigator. His mission was to explore the Saguenay River, whereas the exploration will lead to the founding of Quebec City in 1608.

Besides being the emblem of Quebec City’ flag, Don de Dieu is also a creation Unibroue brewed since 1998.

With more than 10 medals so far, Don de Dieu is one of the best-sellers from Unibroue with his cousin, the triple Fin du Monde, multi-medalists in international competitions.


  • Strong White Beer – Top fermentation
  • 9% alc./vol.
  • IBU : 10,5
  • Service temperature : 4 to 6°
  • Box x 24 beers


Do you want to offer Don de Dieu to your clients ?

Become a Unibroue reseller and contact us by e-mail (contact@kanata.fr) or directly by phone (+33 (0)2 98 97 49 49)

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